Gurgaon Hosting, a web site design and development company provides specialized web design and development services in india, us, uk, australia, singapore, and dubai A website design and development company specialized in domain name, web hosting, business email, website design, portal, web based application development, e-commerce, website promotion, search engine optimization, and offshore outsourcing in Gurgaon (India).
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Web Promotion
You have probably spent a good amount of money on the development of your website which looks great and full of useful information and it's sitting proudly on the World Wide Web awaiting a rush of visitors, but will they come? Publishing your web site is not the end of the business. Visitors will arrive only if they can find it.

Most Web site traffic and online purchases come from search engines or directories like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Get your share of that business, increase your online visibility, and make money on the Internet...with Gurgaon Hosting !

We provide powerful marketing and promotional tools for advertising your site so that you can make its existence known to the online communities. Our site promotional services include search engine optimization and submissions, web directory listings, email marketing and SMS / MMS marketing. This helps you market your site and draw more and more qualified visitors and customers.
Search Engine Optimization and Submission
Site Analysis - Keyed to search engine requirements. This means find the strengths and potential weaknesses specific to site.

Site Optimization - To make the adjustments in site in the basis of Site Analysis, including specific preparation for Leading Search Engines.

Search Phrase Optimization - To fine-tune submissions by comparing them to the related phrases actual users have searched on in the past month, provided by leading search engines and sites analysis.

Manual Submission - Submission of site to a dozen of leading search engines and directories.

Maintenance - Repeat above all four steps continuously to maintain and improve rankings in different search engines and directories.
E-Mail Marketing
Direct e-mail marketing is a powerful form of one-to-one marketing that builds and maintains trust and loyalty between your company and its clientele / trading partners. The use of sophisticated Internet technology enables responses to be tracked and measured, allowing your business to identify its consumers and evaluate their needs.

Benefits of E-Mail Marketing:

- Strengthens awareness your business' brand

- Builds trust between your business and e-mail recipients, consequently improving the likelihood of increased consumer loyalty

- Potential to generate increased business

- Information supplied via tracking procedures can be evaluated to make further improvements to marketing campaigns

- Potential to send targeted traffic and would be customers to your Web site

Where to use E-Mail Marketing?

- Newsletters and eZines

- Market Research - online feedback, questionnaires and surveys

- Loyalty Schemes

- Driving targeted traffic to a website

- Promotions

- Competitions

- Special Offers

Gurgaon Hosting offers solutions for sending dazzling, permission-based emails, newsletters, announcements and more, at affordable price.
SMS / MMS Marketing
Mass SMS / MMS marketing is a powerful form of one-to-one marketing that can generate new sales, branding and communication within your company and between its clientele and trading partners. SMS / MMS solution involves sending messages directly to mobile phones. This is an exciting new marketing concept that Gurgaon Hosting is offering to exercise the new and innovative marketing techniques.

Benefits of SMS / MMS Marketing:

- Save cost

- Instant and effective communication

- Instant announcements

- Better response and sales

- Builds company and product brand

- Creative way of promoting business

Where to use SMS Marketing?

- Product promotion

- Cross media marketing

- Customer loyalty program

- Mobile coupon campaign

- Infotainment
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